The 5 Biggest Secrets to Accounting Success

Anyone who has ever worked in accounting is probably familiar with the Dilbert comic strip. In one panel, it shows a disgruntled employee sitting at his desk staring at his computer screen, expressing his frustrations by drawing a picture of a man wearing a blue shirt and green necktie with the caption: “ Accounting? What’s that?’ This cartoon captures the general perception of accounting professionals pretty well. We are trained to think that accounting is tedious and uninteresting, which is why we shy away from it. However, there is more to accounting than meets the eye. If you approach your accounting studies and career with an open mind and willingness to learn something new every day, you will be successful in this field as well. Furthermore, if you succeed in becoming an accountant you will succeed in any other field as well. Here are 5 secrets to success as an accountant.

Learn to love data

Accounting is not just about numbers. It’s also about understanding how business works and how to manage data effectively. One of the best ways to learn this skill is by using an accounting software that allows you to explore data in simple yet profound ways. The ability to understand data is helpful for any accountant because it will help them create a plan for their business. They can see where their company is going and what steps they need to take in order to get there. In some cases, it will also help them identify areas of improvement in other departments of the company that could use more attention. Businesses also have a lot of data available for intelligence, which means that accountants can be helpful at making sense of all the information in order to make smart decisions for the company as a whole. An accountant’s job is not just numbers and spreadsheets, but data and intelligence as well.

Networking is key

When it comes to acquiring a job, the number one factor that determines your success is how well you network. Every day you should be developing your professional contacts. You should be getting up close and personal with people in the industry so that they will want to work with you in the future. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, networking is critical.

Be curious

Being curious is the most important attribute of a successful accountant. To be successful in your career, you must have an insatiable curiosity about how things work and how they fit together. Being curious will not only help you be more efficient, but it will also help you to become more effective as well.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

As an accountant, you will learn new things every day. With this comes the ability to ask questions. There is no need to be afraid of asking your accounting professor questions in class because they are there to help you understand the material better. If you get stuck on a problem, ask your professor for help. You might even find that your professor is willing to help you out with problems outside of the classroom as well. Another way you can ask questions and receive answers is by taking advantage of online resources. You can read articles online about different topics and see what other people have said about them. For example, if you want to start a small business but are worried about how much money it will take from your pocketbook, search for articles online that address the cost of starting a business in general.

Finally, practice makes perfect

As a student, it is important to practice your accounting skills. Whether you are doing practice problems or working on your own time, make sure that you are practicing and learning while you work. The more you practice, the better at accounting you will become.


Accounting is one of the most challenging and rewarding fields to work in, with an endless list of opportunities and a plethora of ways to succeed. But what’s the secret to accounting success?

  1. Learn to love data: The most important tool you have when it comes to accounting is your data, so don’t be afraid to use it. Data is key for both the bottom line, as well as how you do your job, so take the time to learn how to use it.
  2. Networking is key: You will never make it on your own in accounting, so get out there and make friends with people in accounting. You not only learn from them, but they can help you out when you need a favor. There are a lot of people in accounting and they are all helpful!
  3. Be curious: The world of accounting is one that can be complicated and intimidating at first, but if you take the time to get curious and ask questions, you will find that the answers are there for you and everyone else.
  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions: This is a really big one because once you start asking questions, you will find that more answers are available than

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